What is 21-kai?

  • 21-kai is a team that aims to create a learning system for children’s futures. The team consists of 15 private junior secondary and senior secondary schools that practice 21st century education and five supporting educational corporations. 

☆ What is “21st century education”?

  • This form of education is a learning program that emphasizes “the ability to learn,” “the ability to learn actively,” and “the ability to learn together” in order to foster children’s ability to think.


  •  In order to achieve this goal, 21-kai puts into practice the following forms of classes. We believe these forms of classes can be viewed as 21st century classes.
    • PIL(Peer Instruction Lecture) classes
    • PBL(Project Based Learning) classes

☆ Why are PIL classes and PBL classes necessary?

  • Under the impact of globalization, new forms of life-activities will emerge. These life-activities, moreover, cannot be performed well by merely utilizing the knowledge that we already have.
  • New life-activities are primarily the new jobs that current students will have in the future. These are jobs that do not yet exist in society right now.
  • These unknown jobs, we assume, will require not only English skills and ICT skills but also the ability to communicate and work together in an environment that includes members who have different backgrounds.
  • Teamwork, communication, ICT skills, mentoring and critical thinking are the base of these jobs.
  • Therefore, in order to develop people who can function well in these future jobs, we now have to include PIL classes and PBL classes, which can be considered a “global and innovative leaning system”.

☆ What supports these 21st century skills are the following characteristics:

  1. Contributions to society that lead people to value the idea of “man for others”
  2. Creativeness that helps to construct the idea of “man for others”
  3. Challenges that help to overcome the barriers between people and the idea of “man for others”
  • These characteristics can only be cultivated in a global environment that includes members who come from a variety of backgrounds.
  • We believe that “Liberal Arts” is one form of education for such a global environment.
  • Thus, 21-kai offers “Liberal Arts Education” that underlies a “global and innovative learning system,” which is the system that will allow students to develop 21st century skills. From now, this is going to be expressed as “GIL” (global, innovation and liberal arts). 
  • In conclusion, overall, 21-kai offers an education system that is a combination of “PIL, PBL and GIL.”

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