First Regular Meeting Of 2019 For The 21st Century Education Organization's New Period

The 21st Century Education Organization held their first regular meeting in fiscal 2019 on Thursday, the 25th of April at Bunka Gakuen University Suginami.
One of the topics of this regular meeting was “The importance and strictness of accreditation”.

Members of the 21st Century Education Organization have published their accreditation results, which have been implemented over the past two years, and they want to improve the quality of 21st Century Education even more.
The accreditation team inspects the classes of each school. Here they look at the methods used to teach, how the students think and learn, and then their utilization stage of ICT are scored. This score is sent back to each school and is utilized for the school's own curriculum development and quality improvement.
Now in 2019, by looking at the score levels, some schools are unfortunately still promoting 20th century education. Whilst other schools are developing into 21st century education schools, all members of 21st CEO are already using 21st century education. We are supporting the growing market and demands for 21st century education.
Furthermore, the launch of the 21st Century Education and Research Center was announced.
The leaders of the center are Mr. Koura, the director of 21st educational planning department at Seigakuin, and Mr. Tanaka, the Headteacher of Kougakuin.

At this center, teachers from member schools will form a cross-sectional team to make 21st century teacher training, research, and development of thinking tests. By sharing these skills with the accreditation team, we will develop and deepen 21st century education throughout the member schools.
Please be aware of future activities by the 21st Century Education Organization.


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